Wednesday, June 11, 2008

What would you prefer.

On left is the Pic of tennis player Rafel Nadal and on right is the pic of a body builder. Now my question to you is which physique will you prefer ? If you prefer Nadal physique then why are you still doing same routine that you picked from a bodybuilding magzine that only works for bodybuilders loaded with steroids ??

What you should do ?

  • Train for functional strength - Train for Functional movement i.e the movement that have carryover in real life. for example deadlift is just like picking something from ground, now think of any real life movement where you need to curl the weight up ?
  • Train for Maximum strength - Train for Maximal strength i.e lift in range of 1-3 reps. Stronger you get more reps you could lift of a lighter weight.
  • No curls in squat rack - If you are a fat guy who needs to shed some weight or a skinny guy who needs to pack lot of muscle, then isolation exercise is the last thing you should be doing. Do big three exercise - Squat, Deadlift & Military Press.
  • Ditch your 5 days body split routine. - Ditch your 3 X 10 5 days a week body building routine for 3 days full body routine while doing squats or deadlift each time. you would be amazed with strength as well as size gain.
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