Monday, January 19, 2009

Birthday Workout.

Cheers all,
Yesterday was my B'day and I decided to celebrate this with a special workout. It goes like 20 rounds of
1. 5 pullups
2. 25 Squats (normal stance)
3. Stair run (4 floors)
4. 10 Pushups
5. 25 Squats (Wide stance)

Combining into 100 pullups, 200 Pushups and 1000 Squats...The whole workout took little over 2 hour. The toughest part were pullups considering the fact I can only do 4 pullups in one go..and I needed to replace pullups with chinups to finish the routine...
As for workout goes 2 sets were toughest after the I got used to it and finished strong with gas left to 5 more sets which i would have done If lunch had not arrived..

Surprisingly I am half as sore as i expected it to be, which is really good and i would be able to hit gym today..

Another year gone and I am stronger then what I was previous year, hopefully next year would be better.

Stay strong,
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