Thursday, August 14, 2008

Poor Man Grip training.

Training for grip can be very exciting. If your aim is to build strong grip and huge forearms nothing beats the big exercise like Deadlifts, Weighted pullups and Farmer Walk..basically lifting heavy stuff what ever it may be, stones , sand bag, barbells, dumbbells etc...

There are few things you can do challenge your grip to a greater extent, like using a thick bar, lifting an object which you can not grip properly.

Below are two tools which I have prepared at dirt cheap price, these are excellent for working fingers and wrist.

1. Sand in the Jar

I took my 5 lbs Jar and filled it with sand. There are two ways in which I can Work my grip.

1. Finger Extensors work. With your fingers straight and closed tight together, thrust your hand into a bucket of sand. Next, spread your fingers apart as quickly as possible. Remove hand and repeat

2. Sand Grabbing. Thrust your hand into the sand and grab it as explosively as possible. remove hand and repeat.

3. One hand lift. Grab the top of the jar with one hand and lift for time. wide are of the top makes gripping extremely difficult. For progression you can fill the jar with heavier stuff like stones.

2. Thick levering bar.

I Just took a pipe and wrapped an end with cloth to thicken the grip. and used a screw to hold weight from the other end. Remember that the thick handle will make it difficult to grip the bar.

Now stuff you can do with this :

1. Front Lever.

Hold the bar in front of you and without using any momentum and using your wrist only try to bring the rod as close to your face as possible.

2. Back Lever.

3. Side Lever

Rotate the bar side to side using only wrist. Going from extreme left to right i

4. Bar swinging.

Hold the Bar in front of you and swing this around your head in a similar fashion as a phelwan swing a club around his head. Rotate in both clock wise and anti clockwise direction. This is not only good for your forearms but this will also train your shoulders in a completely different plain of motion.

You can progress in two ways. you can make this more difficult by increasing the weight used. Or you can increase the length of the road thus increasing the leverage.

Another simple way to practice levering is using a Sledge hammer. Be creative and use anything you have available.

Drop me a comment if you have any home made equipment that you use for training.

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