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A Day at the Gym - Female Training 2

This is in continuation with the previous post and will cover brief description of basic exercise, For detail explanation and videos please search youtube. If you have any doubt regarding exercise please feel free to post in comments section and I would be happy to answer.

All of the below exercise require very little use of equipments and can be done in home with just using Dumbbells or just by taking a bag and filling it with something like sand.

All the below exercise are full body exercise and muscles are not isolated.

The Exercise are divided into 4 Categories for upper body, 2 categories for Lower body followed by GPP (General Physical Preparedness) work.

For core workout add Planks at the end of your workout.

Upper Body

1. Horizontal Push
The Primary Horizontal push exercise that would be used here is Pushup. For detail description click here.

A. Beginners
If you are not strong enough to do a regular pushup then do them by elevating the surface. Put you hands on wall, bench and you can go one step further by using your partner.

B. Intermediate
Instead of elevating your hand keep them on floor. Keep your core tight and do not let your hips to sag.

C. Advance
To Increase the difficulty, elevate your feet to a higher surface like bench or a stability Ball.

Muscles worked: Chest, Shoulder, Triceps, Core.

2. Horizontal Pull

For Horizontal Pull various row variations would be used.

A. Beginners
Basic row can be done using using a dumbbell and bending back at 90 degrees. and pulling the Dumbbell towards Chest.

B. Intermediate
An Intermediate version would be tow use two dumbbells or a Barbell and not using the bench for support. Remember here not to bend lower back

C. Advance
An Advance version would be Renegade row, Its performed by using Hex dumbbells First get down in a pushup position with dumbbell in each hand, now pull one dumbbell toward your chest while keeping other hand on ground. As an added benefit you would get a good core workout.

Muscles Worked: Back, Biceps

3. Vertical Push
The Primary vertical push exercise that would be used here is overhead press. i.e lifting stuff over your head.

A. Beginners

Most basic exercise would be overhead press using either a pair of Dumbbell or a barbell.
keep dumbbells on your shoulder and lift the weight up.

B. Intermediate

An Intermediate version is to use Push press either with a Dumbbell or a barbell, keep weight in front of your shoulder dip down a bit and explosively lift the weight up. This method will allow more weight to be lifted.

C. Advance
Though a body weight exercise, the advance progression would be a Pike pushup, which can later be advanced to a Handstand Pushup.

Muscle worked: Shoulders, Triceps, Core

4. Vertical Pull
The Primary Vertical Pull exercise that would be used here is Pullup. We can use three grips while doing pullups.
1. Pronated : Palm facing away,
2. Nuteral: Palm facing each other
3. Supinated: Palm facing you, also known as Chinup.

A. Beginners :

Basic exercise that you can do is an inverted Row, you can increase or decrease the level of difficulty by increasing or decreasing the height from where you are hanging.

B. Intermediate :
Next Step would be an assisted pulling using a band or taking help from partner.

C. Advance
Once you get strong enough next step is an un-assisted pullup. You can go 1 step further by adding external weight.

Muscle worked: Back, Biceps

Lower Body.

1. Hip Dominant
By Hip Dominant we would concerning overself with posterior chain, with main stress on Glutes and Hamstring.

A. Beginners
Most basic Exercise is a Glute Bridge, Its a more like an activation exercise. To increase the difficulty place your feet on a stability Ball

B. Intermediate
Second progression would be a Lunge.

C. Advance
An advance version would be Romanian Deadlift or a stiff legged Deadlift.

Muscles Worked: Glutes, Hamstrings.

2. Knee dominant.

By Knee Dominant exercise we would be concerning overself with Anterior chain with main stress on Quads.

A. Beginners
The First exercise that we would be doing is a step up. Start with your body weight and then add resistance using Dumbbells

B. Intermediate
As a next step move to Squat, start with your bodyweight at first and progress by using a dumbbell or barbell. Detail Explanation here

C. Advance
An Advance exercise is a single leg squat.

Muscle worked : Whole Leg. (Main stress on Quads)

GPP (General Physical Preparedness)

1. Burpees

2. Box Jump

3. Push, Pull, Carry heavy stuff

4. Kettlebell/ Dumbbell Swings.

Watch Out for Part 3, which covers basic programming.

Have Fun................

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