Saturday, May 10, 2008

The Exercise Part 1 - Squat

Squat is the basic exercise that is used everyday in our daily life but unfortunately we have lost the mobility to do so. Below is a picture of a kid doing a perfect squat.

Here are few pointers that needs to be taken in mind.

  • Big Chest : Try to make a big chest and squeeze your back and look straight ahead, this will prevent the rounding of the back.
  • Bend from hips: Initiate the motion from the hips and try to sit back between your legs.
  • Push from the heels: At any instant the weight should be on your heels and you should be able to wiggle your toes. Push the ground while coming up.
  • Knees out : Always push your knees outwards and you knees will thank you.
  • Go deep : Go as deep as you can, if you can not reach parallel then you need to work on your hips and ankle mobility.
One of the best Source to lean Squat is below video from Coach Dan John. It runs for about 50 minutes , great stuff.

Here he have used two techniques for teaching how to squat.

1. Goblet squat

Do this without a dumbbell, hold a goblet like position in front of you and squat down. and in the bottom position with the help of of your elbows push your knees outwards.

2. Potato sack squat

Insure that the weight is on your heels, keep your chin up and chest puffed, grasp hands and drop between your legs just as your going down to pick a sack of potatoes. touch the floor with your hands and get up.

Please note that before loading its important that your are squating with good technique. bodyweight first
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