Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Superhuman Strongman

Odd Haugen lifting 202 pounds dumbbell at arnold

This week I was watching repeat telecast of Nat geo "Superhuman Strongman", and it was really inspiring. It featured Odd Haugen lifting Atlas stones, Mark Philippi pulling a big truck, Pumphrey brothers breaking stack of concrete with bare hands and even with there head, Dennis Rogers demonstrating his hand strength by driving nail to the wood.

What these atlete train is there functional muscle, lifting a heavy stone is just like picking up a crate from the ground, they are not like those big bodybuilders who just have beach muscles. These athlete through hard work have pushed there body to limits and the most impressive thing is that they are still getting stronger. Odd haugen at age of 56 is competing in strong man contest and Denis rogger at age of 50 has been increasing is strength level.

Take away point is that regular exercise is very important for each and every person. We may not be able to get bones of steel like Pumphrey brothers but it will help us to increase bone density which can help in preventing osteoporosis. We may not be able to lift a 150Kg Atlas stone like Odd Haugen does but training will allow us to lift and move stuff as we get old and that too without experiencing back pain.
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